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How To Generate More Leads In 2021 [3 Steps For Effective Lead Generation]

What are the steps on how to generate more leads in 2021?

According to Hubspot, the top priority for marketers is generating leads. And for a good reason.

High-quality leads are the backbone of any successful B2B business, as each one can turn into a new customer – and potentially a long and fruitful business relationship.

In this article, we will go through the three steps you can take for the coming year to ensure you’re in the best position to generate more leads.

Step #1: Target The Right Audience

The first crucial step on how to generate more leads in 2021 for your business is targeting the right audience.

While targeting everyone might be tempting, your best bet is focusing whole-heartedly on one specific customer group.

However, targeting the right audience isn’t just critical to get more leads. It also ensures that the leads you get are qualified – or as qualified as possible.

Knowing who to target can optimize your marketing strategy to effectively attract, nurture, and convert your leads.

Remember, ten qualified leads are infinitely better than a hundred false leads who aren’t a fit for your business.

Marketing tip: Create a detailed persona of your ideal target business buyer. Map out their current challenges and interests and tightly focus the demographic down to age, gender, and personal interests. Get as much information as you can — all detailed knowledge matters when effectively generating leads.

Step #2: Attract Them To Your Website

Assuming you want leads for your website and not another channel, you want to attract your target audience to your website.

And getting traffic requires a bit of strategizing from your side.

When you know who to target, you can optimize how you generate traffic and ensure your strategy supports it.

Suppose your target audience is into white papers.

In that case, you want high-quality white papers packed with valuable information that is fresh and relevant to your prospects.

If they spend a big chunk of their day on LinkedIn, focus on social media marketing, and entice them to read more on your website.

But while interesting social media posts and SEO is a great way to boost website traffic, you want more than just website visitors.

You can dominate keywords and get a decent number of clicks, but only a small percent will convert to leads if your content and copy are lacking.

You want visitors who stick around to take part in your high-quality content. You want them to love your content and love you for it.

Marketing tip: Work hard on your marketing strategy and hire writers to create ten times better content than your competitors. For your larger content topics, create pillar pages with backlinks to your articles related to that topic.

Step #3: Invest In Quality Copy And Content

Generating leads requires an all-out effort. Make sure your website is optimized, fast, and of high quality.

Your marketing strategy should be clear, outlining your prospects’ journey from visitor to lead and buyer.

However, having an outline of what you need to do isn’t enough. You also need excellent copy and content to leverage that strategy.

By investing in quality, you can ensure that your marketing goals are met – or even exceeded.

Hiring the right marketing and writing talent always gives you the best ROI because the results align with your key business metrics.

For example, a white paper is an investment. But an excellent white paper will generate leads and business for years to come.

A great article will be interesting, engaging, position you as an expert, and nudge the visitor towards contacting you to know more.

Marketing tip: If you want to generate more leads and get excellent results, don’t settle for content mill writers. Yes, you’ll fill your website with words, but they won’t give you results. Find a writer who understands B2B marketing to generate more leads for your business.

How To Generate More Leads In 2021

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