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4 Website Copy Mistakes That Cost You Leads (And How To Avoid Them)

B2B companies all over the world make four huge website copy mistakes that continually cost them leads, and millions of dollars in sales every single year.

Let’s go over them, one at a time.

Copy Mistake #1. Too Much Focus On Your Company

The first website copy mistake that cost you leads is focusing too much on yourself as a company.

Your readers don’t care.

When your prospects find your website, they aren’t looking for information about your company. The only exception is journalists who are doing research about you.

But leads and paying clients? Nah.

Your prospects are looking for how your product can help them and their business.


Instead of just dropping facts about your company, tie the features of those facts to benefits that help your target client.

For example:

Instead of:

“Our offices in Europe house 2000+ employees”

Do this instead:

“Our offices in Europe house 2000+ employees, to make sure we’re available to help you 24/7.”

By applying benefits to your prospect, this will ensure that he or she knows you’re putting your them first. This tells them that what you do, is always with them in mind. To your prospects, reading your business focused copy, your goal is not to make money but to help them with their biggest challenges and problems.

What a difference.

Copy Mistake #2: Creativity and Fanciness Rather Than Providing Value

Having fancy-sounding copy on your website, that your prospect has to think hard about to understand, hurt your conversion rates.

Clever wordplay and rhymes can be fun. But does it make people buy?

Most of the times, the answer is a big, fat, no.

Think of all the times you’ve seen once of those “clever” and “creative” commercials on TV.

The TV commercials are usually as confusing as this: a baby with a beard, being chased by apples in a psychedelic landscape, with some beds and red colored flashing prices in the end.

What the heck does that have to do with a sale on beds?

“That marketing team must’ve lost their minds” is a too common reaction to confusing commercials, as well as “who on earth will get the urge to buy from this company now?”

Similarly to web copy, many copywriters and marketing managers believe creativity and fancy words equal leads and sales. They think that their prospects qualify their new clients by how creative they are.

It’s easy to see why. In agencies today, the pressure to be creative and win awards is insane. But are the award winner’s really the most converting, lead generating ads out there?

If the creativity weakens your message and makes it harder to understand, it’s a complete waste of money. You’re much better off hiring a simple and clear copywriter who writes unmistakable and accurate copy.


Creativity is a great thing when you apply it in finding new ways to communicate your message more clearly and target your customers with precision.

Make sure your key message is clear, compelling, easy-to-read and focus on your target customer’s challenges, needs, and interests. Don’t fall into the overly creative trap.

Copy Mistake #3: Boring Corporate Speak

Business-to-business companies have humans working in them, it’s true!

One of the biggest pitfalls of B2B web copy is sounding too corporate, cold and boring. And it’s easy to see why many marketing professionals and copywriters think sounding corporate is the way to go for B2B.

When people picture a prospect, perhaps high up in the ladder, many picture a very analytical, serious person. They picture a psychopath doing nothing but eat, sleep, work and make tough decisions. And what better way to target such an important decision-maker than to write in advanced, corporate robot language?

You very well know that B2B companies all over the world hold the warmest, most loving and fun people there are (I’m looking at you, you’re awesome).

Ask yourself, are you impressed by heartless, corporate copy? As a decision-maker, would you choose a product or service with a cold, impersonal feel over a warm company with happy copy that speaks directly to your challenges, needs, and interests?

I will bet that you choose personality and happiness, and so does your prospects too.


Stop the stiff, boring corporate-speak and liven up your copy with personality, positivity and simple but powerful words.

Copy Mistake #4: No Clear Call-To-Action

Not having a clear call-to-action defeats the whole purpose of your website. I’m not only talking about your CTA-buttons – I’m talking about the purpose of your website pages.

When a prospect reaches your website, they might come to your blog section after searching for a specific problem that their business has. Your blog post is eye-opening, it makes your prospect understand their issue better, and as a result, they trust you as a company.

Just as they finish reading the last sentence of your blog, they get a pop-up offering a free special report, describing how to take immediate action to solve the issue they’re currently facing. Hallelujah.

Chances are that your prospect will enter their email address for that free special report before you can say “conversions”. You have now gained a new lead, which you can further nurture through email.

You need to be smart and know exactly which action you want your prospects to take, from each website, and have copy that supports that logical flow.


To gain maximum conversions, every page on your website needs to be specially tailored to your prospect’s journey. The steps from browsing your website to taking action should be crystal clear, with a strong purpose. This goes for copy, content and design elements.

Make all of your website elements work together to make sure your prospect takes the action you want them to take.

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